……..Aging, are you also scared?

What is Ageing? It is the process of becoming older which is irreversible (Wikipedia).

No one can cheat old age or death except science comes up with a solution tomorrow but for now, we are stuck. Ageing is a natural process that I believe shouldn’t be feared but embraced and celebrated. The glorious white hairs signifies ‘victory and survival’. Now that we know we cannot escape it, we can as well devise a plan to accept ageing gracefully and with understanding.  

First ageing signs appear on the skin due to a gradual loss of moisture and collagen. There are no tricks but the following steps would make the process graceful and less daunting.

  • Acceptance: You can not cheat or escape nature.
  • Keep moving: engaging the body relaxes the muscles and strengthen your core. Exercising improves flexibility and optimal blood flow. Moment of truth…I do not work out or go to the gym, but I walk for about 1 hr daily.
  • Use less makeup: Girls, I know we love our make-ups, it makes us pretty and confident in our body. However, studies have shown that everyday use clogs the pores and makes it difficult for deep-skin moisturisation. Plan and schedule free make/up days so that the skin can breathe and absorb nature.
  • Sleep: get at least 8 hours of sleep daily. It rejuvenates the skin
  • Reading /learning: the popular adage says ‘you become old the day you stop learning.

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