3 Ways to Enhance your PowerPoint Presentation

  • Background selection / Grid lines: usage of grid lines makes your presentation and slide looks tidy and organised. A well arranged slide shows professionalism and efficiency.
  • Visualization : especially in clinical/scientific presentation, keep it simple. The purpose of presentation is mostly to inform, educate your audience and make sure they understand. When a slide is over-crowded with words, it bores the audience. Instead of using too much words, use images, pictures, workflow diagrams, short videos accompanied with important keywords that are easy to understand.Pictures and illustrations because it draws people in.
  • Topography/fonts: There are hundred of fonts available However, usage is dependent on the presentation’s focus/field. The tips below will provide guidance:
    • Heading font should be the same on all slides.
    • Use colour contrast carefully: when the background is dark, use a brighter colour for text or images; this makes the slides appear neater and captivating

Thanks for stopping by. If you need help with your power point slides , you can contact me and I will assist you free of charge.

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