My Top 3 podcasts of August 2019

Being a paperback kind of girl, I am surprised at the attachment and liking I have developed for listening to interviews/discussions on phone. One of the reasons is the ease of commitment because I can listen with the light off.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty – Chelsea Handler; How Therapy Changed my Life

Even though I have heard of Chelsea Chandler randomly before, I’ve never watched her shows or read her books. As I was scrolling aimlessly on iPhone podcast app, I came across her interview on Jay Shetty’s On purpose (He is one of my most loved motivational speakers). Chelsea was raw, deep, tough and vulnerable. She talked about her weakness, trauma, relationships and how talking to a therapist revealed her insecurities, fear and triggers. It’s always a good feeling when you meet or hear about women living life without fear of judgement, but on their own terms.

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations – Caroline Myss; Discovering your life’s purpose

Anchored by Oprah herself, I am stunned by Caroline’s wisdom, insights, spiritual experience and fearlessness. Surprisingly, conversions were engaging. Aunt Caroline is a good speaker; points are expressed in simple words with applicable meanings, and easy to understand examples were cited.

Your spirit is the part of you that is drawn to hope. The courage, fearlessness that believes in goodness and the part that never give up. -Caroline Myss

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations – Jay Williams; You can Survive Your Worst Mistake:

Wow!!! It takes great courage to admit wrongdoings especially when its because you were trying to prove a point, show off, live recklessly despite warnings. Jay Williams was a basket ball player, who was newly signed to the Bulls when he had a motorcycle accident that left him unable to play ever again. A promising career ended abruptly. Listening to him talk about his struggles, guilt, suicide attempts, effect of people’s comment about him, loss of a career reassured me again that we all make mistakes that derails our journey but we can get back on the road if we don’t stop the engine.

Planning to take care your mental health? Wish to commit more time to yourself development? Download these sessions and listen with an open mind.

Have a lovely and productive weekend.

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