Review: Ginger Drink


With the increasing availability of canned and processed foods, natural foods are now a luxury. Growing up with health-conscious parents, we ate more fruits and freshly cooked foods. Who agrees with me that adulting is a scam? 😭😭🙄 Now that I am technically an adult, I am responsible for my health.

Having read about the benefits of ginger for increasing hair growth, boosting the immune system, preventing nausea etc, I decided to give it a try and observe how my system will react to it.

How I prepare it

  • Cut a knob of ginger into tiny pieces (a knob is very cheap, cost 50 cents at my grocery store).
  • Put the pieces in a 4ml cup.
  • Add 2ml hot water and leave for 10mins.
  • Top up with hot water and drink while you chill.


It’s been 2 months since I started this daily ritual of drinking one hot cup of ginger drink before bed. These are what I noticed:

  • Peaceful and relaxing sleep: I sleep more deeply and relaxed without waking up tired or exhausted but rather energized. A friend of mine that came over for the weekend testified to it. Now, she includes it in her daily routine.
  • Detoxify: It helps clean my intestines daily and keeps bloating at bay.
  • Increases my endurance and boost my mood. I mentioned in a previous post that I am not a morning person, but this drink makes my mornings easier to endure.
  • Keeps cold and the flu at bay.
  • It helps relieve cramps and constipation

I recommend this cheap and natural spice to boost your immune system so that your body would be able to fight infections on it own without landing in the hospital or use antibiotics.

Have you tried this drink before? kindly share your experience.

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